About DART

About DART

DART’s Mission: People have the right to live free of violence. DART works toward this by offering courses in violence prevention and violence management for dating, workplace, stalking and personal safety situations.

All of DART’s violence prevention courses can be customized to your needs.

DART, Inc., is a Colorado nonprofit corporation that provides professional instruction in the prevention and management of violence in the workplace, in relationships, and in any other setting where violence may occur.

DART’s violence prevention courses were designed by experienced personal safety experts and educators to be practical, effective, and easily learned and retained.

Currently, DART can provide online workshops by trained and professional DART instructors. Check out the Courses Section for more details.

All of DART’s violence prevention courses are constantly updated as society and technology change. DART conducts exit evaluations after each DART workshop and provides the results to you.


Guiding Principles For DART Training

Active Learning

All DART violence prevention training incorporates active learning principles where techniques taught are practiced and appropriate scenarios employed.

Continuous Improvement

DART believes that evaluation and feedback are essential to quality training.  By employing consistent evaluation and feedback procedures, DART is able to improve and fine-tune its program over time.

What You can expect



DART developed and offers training that is appropriate for the general population regardless of an individual’s size, previous training, or physical conditioning.


Highly Trained Instructors

All DART instructors must complete a thorough training and evaluation process before being certified as a DART instructor. 


Highly Skilled Curriculum Developers 

Professionals in education, counseling, police work, security, workplace violence law, and martial arts provide the expertise and balance needed to develop highly effective violence prevention training that is easily learned and retained.


Focus on the Client 

DART recognizes that each client has specialized needs and works with each individual client to see that their unique concerns are met.


Follow-up Training

DART recognizes that the physical skills taught in an initial workshop require periodic practice/reinforcement.  DART therefore will customize a follow-up training program for its clients upon request.


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DART has taught workshops for:

Attention Homes

Boulder Community Hospital

Boulder County Health Department

Calvary United Methodist Church in Colorado Springs

City of Westminster

City of Lakewood (through the recreation department and to staff)

Clinica Family Health Centers

Colorado Plains Medical Center

Community Health

Estes Park Medical Center

Ft. Carson/National Homeland Defense Fund

Friends First

Girl Scouts Mile Hi Council & Individual Troops

Inn Between

Turning Point Center for Youth & Family Development

Kremmling Memorial Hospital

Kroenke Sports/The Pepsi Center


McKee Medical Center

Metro Community Provider Network

National Charity League

North Colorado Medical Center

Vail Valley Medical Center

Peak Vista Community Health Centers

Platte Valley Medical Center

Special Transit

Salud Family Health Centers

Sterling Regional Medical Center

St. Vrain Valley School District

Town of Superior (through the recreation department)

A Woman’s Place