DART courses

DART has developed a number of trainings tailored to specific organizational needs. They include WorkSmart trainings (Spectrum Level 1 and Verbal De-escalation Training), DateSmart Training (1-hour, 3-hour), and Fight Back 101 (a 2-hour personal safety class). Because of COVID-19, DART currently offers only two trainings either  online or by Zoom: a 2-hour WorkSmart Verbal De-escalation Training and a 2-hour DateSmart training.

DART’s goals in every WorkSmart training session are to enhance employee confidence, ensure a safer workplace environment, and positively impact employee retention. DateSmart’s goals are to offer young people the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to avoid becoming either targets or perpetrators of dating violence and to develop healthy interpersonal relationships.


Participants gain a fundamental understanding of the power of verbal de-escalation techniques and situational awareness.


7th and 8th-grade students learn about healthy relationships and dating violence prevention.