DART Needs Volunteers

DART’s Mission: People have the right to live free of violence. DART works toward this by offering courses in violence prevention and violence management for dating, workplace, stalking and personal safety situations.

Reasons To Volunteer

  1. To continue to meet the ever-increasing demand for its training.
  2. An additional benefit of volunteering is the ability to increase your knowledge of violence prevention and personal safety by participating in some of DART’s training programs. Some volunteers may even decide they want to become trained instructors.
DART strives to make effective use of the abilities of its volunteers. Volunteers can assist in office work, bookkeeping, information technology, social media, and in research, to name just a few areas where help is welcomed. If you have skills or experience in a specific area that you believe may be useful to DART, please let us know. DART requires no minimum time commitment from its volunteers though the more hours a volunteer can give, the better. You will be working with dedicated staff and you will have the satisfaction of seeing your efforts pay off as DART is able to offer its programs to more and more people. If you are interested in volunteering, click the button below and fill out the form and we will be in touch.